adding value to your home for resale

Adding Value to Your Listing

adding value to your home for resale

Easy Ways to Increase The Value of Your Home for Resale

Getting top dollar for your home, when you list it for sale, can be of the utmost importance for your personal financial needs. For instance, you may need the funds from the sale of your home to close on a new property.

If you are planning on relocating for your job, then getting the highest price on the sale of your home can really help with the expenses associated with moving to a new area. Therefore, it is crucial that you do everything possible to maximize your property’s appraised value in preparation of its upcoming sale.

Here are some simple strategies to help you increase the resale value of your home:

Pick A Local Real Estate Agent To List Your Home

When you sell a home, you want to hire a Realtor that knows the local real estate market really well. The price of a home on one end of the street can be drastically different than the price of one located a few blocks down the road. A local agent will know where the most desirable areas are in the neighborhood, and they will be able to make certain that your home gets an accurate appraisal.

Point Out All Of The Repairs That You Have Done To The Property

You spent a lot of your money and time to fix up your home and make it beautiful. Make certain that the appraiser knows about all of the repairs that you had done. It may be something small and not seem very important to you, but it could make a huge difference in the resale value of your house. Also, be certain to keep all receipts for any work done, and show them to the Realtor.

Spruce Up The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

If someone wants to buy a home, then they want to purchase a property that they can be proud of. It is very important to make certain that your yard is clean and well maintained. Simple things like picking up trash, cutting the grass, and trimming the bushes can make a huge difference in the home buyer’s eyes. How the outside of your property looks can make or break the buyer’s decision to purchase your house. Think about it. The outside is the first thing they see when they get to your property, and it is the last thing they see before they leave the property.

Point Out What Goes and What Stays With The Sale

Don’t assume the Realtor will know what you are taking with you when you move out. Does your property include a swimming pool, a sprinkler system, an air conditioner, or a shed with the sale? The items that you take or leave can significantly affect the final selling price of your home. You may have an outdoor shed that you bought and built yourself, and you have no intentions of leaving it for the new home buyer. Taking the shed not only affects the home’s appraisal value, but it could leave the buyers angry when they show up to their new home and find out that the shed is gone!

Spend Most Of Your Time Updating The Kitchen And Bathrooms

The truth is, it is usually the kitchen where the final buying decision is made when purchasing a home. Therefore, if you want to get the fastest sale possible and the highest resale value, then you should make certain to cater to the average person’s taste in kitchen and bathroom style and décor. Simple repairs, such as putting on laminate countertops, getting rid of ugly wallpaper, and a fresh coat of paint on cabinets and walls can increase the selling price of your home the most.

Check Out The Appraisal On Your Property Thoroughly

Remember, an appraisal is just an opinion. It is not set in law. You should get a copy of the appraisal, and make certain that you go over it, line by line, to check if they gave a fair value for all the amenities of your property. Appraisers are not immune to error. They make mistakes just like the rest of us.

Also, check each line item of the appraisal for mistakes, such as incorrect lot size, wrong number of bedrooms, and inaccurate age of property. Most appraisers pull the property information from the tax records, therefore; to get an accurate appraisal you need to let them know which updates you did to the house since moving in. If you can’t come to an agreement with your appraiser regarding how much you feel your property is worth, then you can always hire a different appraiser to get a second opinion.

Use Professional Photos

Statistically, homes that use professional real estate photography sell faster and for more money.  The top real estate brokers in Calgary are well aware of this fact and use professional photography on all of their listings.

Since the first time that a potential buyer will see your home is on the internet, the main picture of the outside of the home will dictate if they will click to see additional information on the property.  The interior photos will be responsible for the home buyer to set an appointment to see the home – or call their real estate agent to set an appointment.  

Considering the relatively low cost of professional real estate photos, having your home displayed online in the best light is an absolute no-brainier.


In conclusion, preparing your home to sell for top dollar can be an enjoyable process. Most people don’t take the simple steps needed to maximize the resale value of their home because they think it will be too complicated or hard to do. Truthfully, increasing the value of your home for resale is pretty simple, and it can be one of the most profitable and rewarding endeavors that you can undertake.

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